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Makayla Straight Poems

121. Happy Birthday Mother 4/29/2009
122. Wake Up Makayla 7/12/2009
123. It's My Fault 7/12/2009
124. The Story Of My Mask 7/19/2009
125. Please Just Give Up 5/31/2009
126. My Advice Of Love 5/5/2009
127. Cry 5/6/2009
128. The Truth About Forever 4/29/2009
129. Michael Jackson 6/26/2009
130. My Pain 4/29/2009
131. A True Love Story 4/30/2009
132. A Message To My Mom 5/26/2009
133. A Promise 4/29/2009
134. 60 Seconds With God 5/26/2009
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60 Seconds With God

Makayla you have to change.

I listened to what God told me.

Promise me Makayla, you'll show me your good side. I know it seems you have nobody to talk to. You think cares and love you. your WRONG. Makayla you have a lot of people all over this world who cares and loves you. You just need to love yourself to see it.

That 60 seconds with God changed my life. I opened my eyes to what is right in front of my eyes. Instead of looking beyond.. All I had to do is look right in fornt of me.

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The Deadly Sickness

I am sick and tired of feeling like this.
Everything I look at
Gives me a sickness feeling in my stomache.
I will always feel like I am in hell.
I don't understand why.
People say I look tired and pale,
but it's another way saying I look like Sh*t.
But I don't give a damn.
All I want is the feeling to go away.

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