malibongwe bobo

Rookie (19960925 / kwathema springs)

Biography of malibongwe bobo

Malibongwe bobo vilakazi was born at kwathema springs and she was breed there. She started writting at the age of ten since then she fall inlove with her pen until today she is hoping to publish a book for yound stars so that they can inspired her vision is to take poetry to another level

malibongwe bobo's Works:

Foundtain Updates

A Woman Defined

her head thinks about better life for her loved ones
her eyes see what people cant see, they also tell stories both sad and fascinating
her nose smell troubles and blessings
her mouth is a bank of words of encouragement that keeps her going
her neck is the pillar of life to her
her heart is the centre of love, joy and warmth, the womanhood its is where pain is dealt with
her breasts are a empire uniqueness and being adroit
her curves are the symbol of the ups and downs that you were bou

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