Manauwer Raza

Manauwer Raza Poems

41. You Stayed 8/21/2015
42. The Missing Piece 8/21/2015
43. Burdened 9/4/2016
44. I, The Liar 12/13/2016
45. Of Things Of Past 7/9/2017
46. Shy 8/3/2017
47. The Change That You Made 5/3/2013
48. Delusion 2/23/2015
49. Into The Mystic 5/20/2013
50. Alone 9/4/2012
51. The Man In The Mirror 4/23/2013
52. The Slumbers 3/2/2015
53. Lost Memories 4/14/2013
54. All The Love I Have 8/2/2013
55. Love 1/20/2013
56. Finally Found You 6/3/2014
57. Smile 7/21/2015
58. The Moon And Me 2/24/2015
59. Teddy Bear Hugs And Butterfly Kisses 7/19/2014
60. A Boy's Dream 7/21/2014
61. The Wait 4/15/2015
62. A New Friend 11/3/2013
63. Death - The Gift Of Life 5/15/2014
64. Incomplete Love 5/23/2013
Best Poem of Manauwer Raza

Incomplete Love

Close your heart
and feel the mirth...

a life of sigh
a prisoner of birth...

with you always
in my mind...

where is that feeling
forgetting your kind...

'm not begging you
to love me...

'm not really asking
for this to be...

but to cherish that hope
isn't it alright...

the hope in my heart
blazing so bright...

living a life
just in dreams...

flawless love
filled with screams...

dreaming about
just holding your hand...

with you all the time
wherever you stand...

the feeling of...

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My Feelings

It was hard to tell you the truth I hid

But now I'll not regret that I ever did

There's nothing wrong that I won't hide or say

I'm glad I get to see you from day to day...

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