Manauwer Raza

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  • ''and the hills, whilst cover in snow, are still barren within...''
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  • ''maybe one day I'll understand why...
    everything I touch surely dies...''
  • ''love comes slow and goes so fast...''
  • ''what you mean to me, is more than what i can express...
    a belief, a hope, a silver lining, for my life and bless...''
  • ''the simplicity, is not in her, rather, in the eyes of him, who adores her the way he does''
  • ''when silence gets the best of you...
    you become agitated, angry and easily offended.. if it gets disturbed, even if its for your own good...''
  • ''masquerade, but speak your heart to me''
  • ''i ask you, with everything i have and with nothing, that i am now...
    WHAT IF?''

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Best Poem of Manauwer Raza

Incomplete Love

Close your heart
and feel the mirth...

a life of sigh
a prisoner of birth...

with you always
in my mind...

where is that feeling
forgetting your kind...

'm not begging you
to love me...

'm not really asking
for this to be...

but to cherish that hope
isn't it alright...

the hope in my heart
blazing so bright...

living a life
just in dreams...

flawless love
filled with screams...

dreaming about
just holding your hand...

with you all the time
wherever you stand...

the feeling of...

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Alone with my thoughts
Alone in my dreams
Alone in the night
Alone with my screams

Alone in that place
Between sleep and awake
I lay here alone
And wait for the daybreak

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