Mandy Anna

Rookie (october 31 1402-? ? ? / United Kingdom)

Biography of Mandy Anna

Mandy Anna poet

Born with a happy family until December 31. The day that I turned into a vampire. Met new people round the world. Made new friends. Lives with abustive parents. Hopeing to die someday. I am funny. Shy. Weird. Nice. Mean. Whatever you think of me. Just has long has your happy. That's the only thing that matters. Updates

Behind The Smile...

She tells everyone she is fine,
That there is no need to worry about her,
They ask one more time,
But it's the same answer as before 'I'm fine.'
They let it go,
She pretends she is glas that they stopped asking,
But really,
She wishes someone would see past the maske,
She always seems to have on...

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