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41. The Last Time 3/15/2011
42. Speechless 3/15/2011
43. Who I Am 3/15/2011
44. Peace 4/9/2011
45. You Offended Me Today 7/16/2010
46. Atlas 3/15/2011
47. Burning Bridges 12/9/2009
48. Grin And Bear It 12/1/2009
49. ? 12/3/2009
50. Driving 12/3/2009
51. Crutch 7/16/2010
52. Scratches 5/16/2010
53. Honestly, Honest 5/16/2010
54. And Still You Sleep 12/9/2009
55. Wonder 12/14/2009
56. Addicted To Him 9/17/2010
57. Abc Poem 12/9/2009
58. Sun 12/2/2010

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Bright shining sun,
Lighting the world,
The world revolving around you,
My world revolving around you,
Too much sun will burn,
Leave scars,
The scars heal in time,
But not enough sun,
Can cause near irreparable damage,
That can only be fixed by the sun,
The ever burning sun,
Who outshines the moon and the stars,
Who is not always good for me,
Not always best,
But the sun is what i need to survive,
So I must deal with the burns,
Heal within the light of the sun,
To see what is beyond,
I must have the sun,
To guide the ...

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Hey You (Turn Around)

Don't turn too fast give me time,
To hide the feelings I don't want you to see,
To hide the thoughts that no one hears,
Don't turn too slowly I don't want to let go,
Look at me and what do u see? ,
Do you see me or do you look right through me? ,
Do you see the longing and the sadness? ,
Do you see the changing emotions? ,
The annoyance, the smiles, the laughter, the tears? ,

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