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Rookie (10/30/91 / Texas)

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I started writing poetry in the fourth grade. I had written a poem to my mother who then sent it to Poetic Power. They approved my poem and it was published.
A year later my Mimi (grandmother) died. I was asked to write a poem for her funeral and I did. After she died, I didn't write very much. I started writing again about two years ago.
I had read a few books by Bryan Davis and decided I would read his biography. In it he had written a thanksgiving poem and I decided to try and create another poem. I e-mailed him asking for help on a poem and he graciously gave it. I sent Outside and Alone to and a few weeks later, I received a letter saying I was a semi-finalist.
You must understand that when I had entered, the form had asked how old I was. It had a list of years to choose from, starting with 1984. Well, I really wanted to try and so I said I was 18 since they did not have my age group. I have won the Editor's Choice Award numerous times now in an adult contest.
Now I have proudly written 45 poems(may change) . That is an accomplishment that I am proud of.

God Bless,
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The Sculpture

The smile upon the artist face,
Trust me, it shows no digrace.
The sculpture is finished now,
All anyone can say is 'Wow! '.
It glistens in a hall of fame.
The sculpture will never be tame.
People stop to wonder how,
While the artist takes the smallest bow.
People see it is a work of art,

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