manish bandhral

Rookie - 54 Points [inside I'm cryingoutside I'm smilingno one noticesbut its hard for me to control thiswhen you see me walk byit doesn't look likeit but I want to diethoughts racing through my headthen comes the tears] (10-3-1997 / himachal)

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i love someone but i dont know she loves me or not Updates


Morning comes and you'r not lying next to me.
It's afternoon and still I havent heard from you.
Every night I'm hit I realize that you've gone away.
Lonely ge sick my head start spinning thinking how did I let you get away.
I just wanna tell you that I made a mistake.
You are the perfect women how to push you away.
No knowing I was taking with me out of my mind.
I know I messed up this time

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