Mann Bhatia

Rookie - 345 Points [Poetbabu] (18-04-1990 / Secunderabad)

Mann Bhatia Quotes

  • ''Only words can pierce your soul.''
    Mann Bhatia
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  • ''There is no God, there is no Satan. Take responsibility for your own actions.''
    Mann Bhatia
  • ''I think the Mayans were very smart. They knew we would somehow kill ourselves by 2012. And i think they were right to a large extent. Morally, we are all dead.''
    Mann Bhatia
  • ''Silence is the most lethal weapon we all have. Normally it would reveal the other persons intentions but in extreme situations it reveals the character of everyone.''
    Mann Bhatia
  • ''My tears and my heart seem to be drunk.''
    Mann Bhatia
  • ''Like it or not, we're all escapists in our own ways.''
    Mann Bhatia
  • ''Ok, there are two right things you can do. One which is good for you and other which is good for those around you. Either way you lose!''
    Mann Bhatia
  • ''I am here to make you think, not tell you what to think, i leave that to politicians, priests and pesky neighbors.''
    Mann Bhatia
  • ''If a non-believer believes in not believing, then isn't he a believer too?''
    Mann Bhatia
  • ''Moving on never means you erase the memories. Memories will never go because those are of special times involving special people at that moment of your life; but it means how you live life to the fullest while having these memories.''
    Mann Bhatia

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Best Poem of Mann Bhatia

I Am Afraid

I’m afraid of women pulling a knife at me, and society telling me I must have deserved it.

I’m afraid of getting more jail time for the same crime comparing to women.

I’m afraid I will get raped in prison and never be considered a rape victim.

I’m afraid of women hitting me, and than police arresting me for domestic violence.

I’m afraid that they will take me at gun point to fight in a war to protect the women.

I’m afraid of dying while working, as 9 out 10 workplace deaths are male.

I’m afraid of woman sexually harassing me, and then being laughed ...

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Can You Hear Me?

Mother, cant you hear me cry?
I am screaming pain but you don’t hear, why?
Oh father, don’t you see these scars?
I am spreading my arms but you’re always far.

I am slipping away, somewhere very dark.
from the night in your cradled arms to the darkest hollow
The anger, i promise will come out of your eyes.
Tears of rush will follow.

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