Mann Bhatia

Rookie - 345 Points [Poetbabu] (18-04-1990 / Secunderabad)

Mann Bhatia Quotes

  • ''Answer to why human beings are so fucked up lies somewhere between facts and faith.''
    Mann Bhatia
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  • ''It's funny how most humans can't differentiate between respect and fear.''
    Mann Bhatia
  • ''The moment you start thinking it's right for the Government to tell you what you can eat, say or do, is the moment you have become a slave to the system where they thrive on slavery of the people. You are the power, realize that and all these higher powers wont matter.''
    Mann Bhatia

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Best Poem of Mann Bhatia

I Am Afraid

I’m afraid of women pulling a knife at me, and society telling me I must have deserved it.

I’m afraid of getting more jail time for the same crime comparing to women.

I’m afraid I will get raped in prison and never be considered a rape victim.

I’m afraid of women hitting me, and than police arresting me for domestic violence.

I’m afraid that they will take me at gun point to fight in a war to protect the women.

I’m afraid of dying while working, as 9 out 10 workplace deaths are male.

I’m afraid of woman sexually harassing me, and then being laughed ...

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Oblivion River

With the dying sun and moon, starts the process of shadow sea.
He who bears will witness, his body laid in heavy stone grave.

Behind the veil of sound, earth wept, summer's light disappear.
His body placed in the boat. Winter and darkness wins.

I will come back. I will come again. When winter's spirits are weak, I will rise again.

Under the earth, the hidden world resides.

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