Manpreet Tuli

Rookie (April-21-1981 / India)

Biography of Manpreet Tuli

I am just me, though I love Poetry and reading books. I am not a professional Writer or Poet, but I do write at times. Hope you all enjoy some of my poetry.

I love to live life to the fullest, love my friends and a big time beer drinker. Also, if u like my Work Drink a Beer for me.. even if u not.. drink 2.. lol

Takecare and Be Blessed :)

PS: Never expect things to happen.. Struggle and make them happen. Never expect yourself to be given a good value create a value of your own.

Manpreet Tuli's Works:

So far my own.. lol Updates

Loss So Deep

Dedicated to my father. (23rd December 1936 - 30th March 2008)

I am lost I am hurt. I have felt pain I cannot explain. When u loose someone u love it hurts so much that u cry and pray. Pray for all you could have done. For them to know they have something to live for.

When someone so close departs, one begins to think and starts to cry, feel the hurt and pain passby and say to thee lord. What have I done, God please give me my world back. I lost something so true that cannot be expresse

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