Manta Rogers

Rookie (Jan.27,1996)

Biography of Manta Rogers

When I finally entered school at the age of twelve, and in to fifth grade, after being home schooled since the end of first grade. I never expected that people would comment on my poems. I would always expected that people would hate them. I thank my teacher for giving us the chance to write poems ever since. Finally, now in seventh grade and summer drawing near, I write poems every day and my core teacher likes them. Truth to tell, these weren't my happy poems i made two years ago. I was sad and depressed, and been like that ever since last year. We had to put down my dog that I loved. Though i may act as a cheerful person online, and at home, I am not happy as i act. Thanks to my acting classes and plays for home schoolers, I had acted so good that none of my friends new the truth about how i felt. On top of that, I'm being verbally harassed at school and no one is caring about that. So, to forget all my problems and hope for comments on my poems I am finally sharing them on the internet, here at Updates

As Much As I Wish

As much as I wish it doesn't,
Words will forever hurt me.
As much as I want to,
I can never ignore them.
As much as I dream,
They never go away.
But its nice
To have friends
Who care about you.

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