Mara SalvatruchaDemon

Mara SalvatruchaDemon Poems

1. Pain Presisted 12/3/2008
2. The Light That Illuminates Me 12/3/2008
3. The Pain Goes Down My Throat 12/5/2008
4. I'M Going Through Incarceration Without Bars 12/5/2008
5. Conscience 12/7/2008
6. Substantial Empirical Evidence 12/7/2008
7. A Benevolent Beast In Me 12/8/2008
8. I Feel 12/21/2008
9. The Permanent Place 12/21/2008
10. Now The World Shall Crumble 12/23/2008
11. Againist All Odds 12/29/2008
12. God Is The Judge And The Parole Board 12/29/2008
13. Hierarchy 12/29/2008
14. Interference 1/15/2009
15. Comparison 1/16/2009
16. Avoidance 1/17/2009
17. I Don'T Existence, So You Shouldn'T Existence 1/23/2009
18. Life Is Hard 2/14/2009
19. The Truth Hurts 3/28/2009
20. The World 3/30/2009
21. You Disgust Me 6/7/2010
22. Lokotes 6/7/2010
23. Inhale The Smoke Inhale The Kush 6/7/2010
24. The Second Sun 12/30/2008
25. A Nuclear Holocaust From My Dreams 12/9/2008
26. Nihilistic 12/3/2008
27. Crippled Heart 12/29/2008
28. I'M Never Satisfied 12/5/2008
29. I Engage 12/21/2008
30. Consequences Of Hate And Selfishness 4/7/2009
31. Smoke And Mirrors 3/27/2009
32. The Darkest Hour Is Just Before The Dawn 2/26/2009

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The Darkest Hour Is Just Before The Dawn

i see myself in a casket
got so much time to reminisce
while i sit here in abyss
i wonder if heaven really exist
trying to be a confidence man
but nothing to show when shi hits the fan
Absence makes the heart grow fonder
i guess i'm on earth just to wander
this is everything i am
i feel left out like kazakhstan
cause no one cares for me
Ashes to ashes dust to dust
all the feelings i had just combust
say goodbye to all the trust
for all the people i know
got no one to bestow
heartless but i so keep a smile on my face although
they ...

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I'M Never Satisfied

everyday i use a defense mechanism
i'm at my funeral and who do i see
the devil, god, demons tormenting me
my mom didn't love me man
my dad didn't give a damn
love becomes a delusional
i saw a demon during my mammogram
im going through unconscious mental processes, including projection, rationalization, and repression
all these years full of oppression

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