Marc Mannheimer

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Biography of Marc Mannheimer

I am a mental health worker,43, from an upper-middle-class, Republican family. Not the makings of much creatively. But my main weakness is my main strength - I've been mentally ill for twenty years, and I've seen the black sludge at the bottom of the Gutbucket Pond in winter, so there's a little creative fodder there. Still, I generally like to write things that might give the reader a little smile.

Marc Mannheimer's Works:

A small chapbook of poems, As He Supports You From Within, put out in early 2008, and one put out in 2009, She Heals with a Word. Poems published in the Doubting Thomas Quarterly, the Lakewood Observer, and the Cleveland Reader, and online @ messymagazine and Deep Cleveland Junkmail Oracle. Updates


It’s easy to look beautiful
When everything’s in place;
Your hair, your eyes, your perfect smile,
Your job, your house, your gorgeous guy.
But changes, inexplicable,
At the depths of your disgrace,
Prove the truth – that you’re only as cute
As the egg upon on your face.

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