Marcea Flowers

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Biography of Marcea Flowers

I live in Colorado Springs. A beautiful and often inspiring place. I have lived all over the country. My parents moved frequently when I was little, so I always have a case of wanderlust. I have a degree in fine arts and show my photographs and mutltimedia pieces pretty often. I also do spoken word and have a new CD coming out soon. A lot of my stuff is meant to be spoken word. My heroes are Lydia Lunch, EE Cummings, Leonard Cohen, Edna St. Vincent Millay and John Waters. I have also filmed and directed several music videos, but writing is my true passion, after all, my journal was my most constant companion growing up.

Marcea Flowers's Works:

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hounds of love
molten tears
white chalky
their feet are pounding
but they're not finding

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