Marcel Tourdot

Rookie (September 1979 / Pittsburgh Pennsylvania)

Biography of Marcel Tourdot

Loved and lost and laughed and cried. Just the same as everyone else. I'll soak it up and enjoy the ride. THe joys and ironies in life. Until the tolling bells ring out and tell the world i've died. Updates


My hands are numb and my mind is moving slow.
The things I’ve done have soaked my brain with such heavy vicious blows.
But still I do not know how to remove myself from all of these pains.
And still I make no efforts to remove the venom (coursing through my) veins.

So now I stand here wide awake with hands that shake, my body quakes.
And think about your beauty and (I think about) my fate.
The last time I saw salvation was in a picture of your face.
But I can’t remember where it was t

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