Marcellus Watts

Biography of Marcellus Watts

Poem Biography: in 4th grade our teacher taught us how to right poems, i never wrote a poem again since i didn't pay much attention, in 6th grade i started writing them with the art i drew, since pictures i saw inspired me to draw and write the meaning of the picture and i wrote it in the form of a poem.

Things have changed, and i mean for the better. Older now and much more experienced i plan to share alot of things. Not many personal things but some. I haven't been on here in years and over that time i have written many, and many poems.

I don't exactly release them in the right time order when they were written so i may seem a little bipolar. But really I'm differently normal in a good way. Updates

And Forever

Forever is impossible to live
Forever is possible when
Death is reached but which life
Forever is no fear of

Forever is eternity no death
The only cure of old age
Forever is never possible only in death

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