Marcellus Watts

Biography of Marcellus Watts

Poem Biography: in 4th grade our teacher taught us how to right poems, i never wrote a poem again since i didn't pay much attention, in 6th grade i started writing them with the art i drew, since pictures i saw inspired me to draw and write the meaning of the picture and i wrote it in the form of a poem.

Things have changed, and i mean for the better. Older now and much more experienced i plan to share alot of things. Not many personal things but some. I haven't been on here in years and over that time i have written many, and many poems.

I don't exactly release them in the right time order when they were written so i may seem a little bipolar. But really I'm differently normal in a good way. Updates

Inerasble Sin

That unerasable sin, that I committed
The sin you see before your eyes

All the blood on my hands
All the blood I spilled, never will be washed away

With lies spreaded, deceiving many others
All the lies in the past….

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