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41. Sweet Summer Days 5/26/2010
42. Emotions And Poetry 5/26/2010
43. Rain 9/5/2009
44. Devoid Of Emotion 5/26/2010
45. My Hero 5/26/2010
46. Night Darkness 8/19/2009
47. Home 6/17/2009
48. Homophobia 6/17/2009
49. Rant 6/17/2009
50. Don'T Follow Me 9/8/2012
51. Remorse & Regret 8/25/2009
52. Homophobia Won'T Get Me 6/17/2009
53. Escaping Reality 9/8/2012

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Escaping Reality

Leaving the very spot I am
Leaving behind myself
Leaving behind my troubles
Running away or leaving…
There's no difference
Escaping from life itself
Though be it temporary it's enough
For a break I'm in desperate need of
A short break or long break
Let me hide away from life itself
Cruel and relentless
No matter what I'll never truly escape
Life will find me and retrieve me
It'll pump me with fear, depression, and despair
Life and reality will find me once again
There's no way I can escape them
As I hide in my fantasies
Let me pretend to fly ...

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Balance is what keeps the world at peace all the time
Balance can be good Balance can be bad but balance in this world is unknown

The Unknown is a mixture of good and bad and something else
a Third portion of Balance what is that?

With out the third the world would rain h-ll distortion would be full chaos and destruction

If there is only good there is no balance the world be out of order

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