Marck Riggins

Marck Riggins Poems

1. Immortal Ocean 5/17/2012
2. Where Emerald Fields Grow 5/17/2012
3. Chaotic Dawn 11/8/2013
4. No Fear For Future 11/19/2013
5. Beside Ocean Pier 11/19/2013
6. Can'T Let Go 11/19/2013
7. Seated At Day's Edge 4/25/2014
8. Haiku Garden 4/25/2014
9. How Dreams The Night 4/25/2014
10. Inevitable Night 4/25/2014
11. A Nose For It 4/25/2014
12. Aspiration 4/25/2014
13. Doubt's Prisoner 4/25/2014
14. Azure Swells Demand 4/25/2014
15. Bee Sting 4/25/2014
16. Butterfly 17 4/25/2014
17. Clash Of Cliché: The Nonsensible Murmurings Of Monstradumbus 4/25/2014
18. Dead Leaf Story 4/25/2014
19. Searching Eden 4/25/2014
20. Elite Delusions 4/25/2014
21. Eon's Tide 4/25/2014
22. Half-Baked 4/25/2014
23. Hearts Of Rain 4/25/2014
24. Invincible 4/25/2014
25. I Don’t Know If I Could Love 4/25/2014
26. Dearly Imparted 4/25/2014
27. Epitaph 4/25/2014
28. Under Heaven’s Blue Veil 4/25/2014
29. Matadores` 4/25/2014
30. Barren Tree, Bronze Sky 4/25/2014
31. Bastion Heart 4/25/2014
32. A Prairie Account 4/25/2014
33. Angels’ Descent From Grace 4/25/2014

Comments about Marck Riggins

  • Munia Khan (7/8/2013 9:09:00 AM)

    Dearest Marck, thank you so much for all your wonderful compliments on my poetry and I am truly blessed to be able to treasure your brilliant verses that speak of light from darkness, and can make us listen to the echo of silence..such is the power of your magnificent work..Best wishes to you always~~ [3 [3

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  • Marck Riggins Marck Riggins (11/9/2012 9:54:00 PM)

    I see one comment eight times, cementing your phrases on this page and my mind. I will spend the rest of my poetic and otherwise, hopeful life, thanking you, Munia.

  • Munia Khan (10/28/2012 3:41:00 AM)

    Only two poems from your brilliant mind are enough to certify you as the 'Poet King'. You must let your creative brain flow in order to let the world treasure your verses..You surely are my favourite poet.

Best Poem of Marck Riggins

Where Emerald Fields Grow

Warm breeze brush 'cross these hills
Ushering peace, echoes long past.
Waves of heat rise from the field
Mockingbird rejoices in blue sky vast.

Green upon green, heather to sage
Splendor and beauty, savor the sight.
Altering landscape age unto age;
Starlings cry into the night.

Possessed by this passion
when all alone:
One's heart can take root
where emerald fields grow.

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Immortal Ocean

Who among you will traverse the waters' full voice?
When beside swells, droplets dwell, spray on ruin
By fine sound mind, relieved and rejoice
Allot dregs to wayfarers, fanciful, marooned

Dream of Fair Isles

Farewells and forbidding from friend and kin
Tears foreshadow the salt in brisk air

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