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mientras sentirse puedan en un beso 
dos almas confundidas;  
mientras exista una mujer hermosa,  
¡Habrá poesía!  

From Rima IV, by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer; it was he, who when I was a teenager would inspire me to write. And so I wrote... until one day I wrote no more, and I would dream no more, and I would feel no more, and I would live no more - and made myself busy making a living as I endeavored to traverse life's mundane roads. And while a thousand roads lead men forever to Rome, out of Romulus and Remus, and in the dawning of Pollux and Castor begotten, would emerge the most unlikely and unexpected of muses - when in a fleeting moment during the Dragon's watch, in the far-away land of the Lion and the Mermaid, a chance encounter would blind me with her radiance and enchant me with her fragrance. Merely an acquaintance; alas, evermore so platonic, and the impossibility of it all - it cannot and will not be! So she must never know how I feel - but the world will. For I saw the Beauty of the world reflected in her eyes, and the sound of her name is Joy to the angels in the skies. And so the Tiger within me was tamed at last; and then I wrote again... 

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Danza De Venus

Con paso de bailarina trazas tu silueta
entre las estrellas del firmamento;
incapaces de alcanzar ni tu sombra,
los demás admiran tu cada movimiento

Con equilibrio de acróbata y elegancia de artista,
resuelta marchas hacia tu meta;
dueña de tu futuro, conquistadora y malabarista,
entre tierra y cielo - ¡tú, el cometa!

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