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'Maree Frances Scarlett was born in Auckland, New Zealand and has written, performed, and recited poetry and spoken word all over the World. She spent several years abroad in Australia, America, the UK, and Ireland, before returning to New Zealand in 2000. She has arranged, produced and directed recitals for Montana Poetry Day, Corbans Estate Wine Cellar (2005) and the Devonport Depot Art Space (2005,2006) . Maree has also written live music reviews in Ireland for The Big Gig (1996) . She has worked with musicians, doing voice over such a Jeff Scantlebury of Brand New Heavies, Chaka Khan Joss Stone et al and she continues to work with internationally recognised musicians from Cuba to Colombia. Upcoming events include working with one of Australia's most prolific musicians, and yet this is something she will not speak about, 'not yet' she says.' Let people be surprised'. She has done voice-overs for Radio and has been the voice of campaigns such as Powder Finger album Odyssey Number Five, Roni Size (2007) and Soundz Music Stores (2007) ,0800 Party Bus, to name a few. She has also performed at the home of French Artist Bernard Locca at a private soiree (1995/6) . Some of Maree’s earlier works are held in the Russian poet, Andrei Voznesensky's archives at Stanford University. Maree met Andrei through the poet Allen Ginsberg and is a time she treasures. Voznesenky's mentor and muse was the writer Boris Pasternak. One of Maree's own long-term mentors has been internationally recognised Irish producer and musician Donal Lunny (Donal is Maree’s daughter Aisling’s Godafather) .
Maree has recited on radio several times BFM, George FM Auckland (2001,2003) and has been interviewed in Pavement Magazine (2004) , Craccum (2002) and North Shore Times (2003) . She has appeared in 2 short films - Harlot’s Cup, Omni Mysterium, (2005) and will appear in a feature film still in production - The Death And Resurrection Show, the story of Jaz Coleman and his band Killing Joke. Maree acted, and interviewed Peter Hook, from Joy Division and others for the film. the Film has some curious people in it, such as: Jimmy Page, Dave Grohl, Sarah Brightman et al. She has been a presenter on her local Devonport community radio station (2010-2011) . Maree has a BA in Philosophy from Auckland University and minored in Gender Studies. In her Philosophy major Maree concentrated mainly on Continental Philosophy and Postmodernism (she is one of the people acknowledged by Professor Robert Wicks, of the University of Auckland, for their scholarly input and discussion during the writing of his 'Modern French Philosophy' (OneWorld Publications,2003)) . Maree has a graduate diploma in psychotherapy and is completing a Bachelor of Alcohol and Drug Studies.
Maree’s work has been published Internationally by: [http: // International Literary Quarterly 2010, Issue #10], [http: // Black Mail Press Issue #27] edition in their 10th Anniversary edition featuring several of New Zealand’s current [http: // Poets Issue #29]. Maree’s long poem Al Khemia has been published by Seb Doubinsky, as part of his les éditions du Zaporogue Issue #9. This is a post-modernist re-writing of T.S. Eliot's 'The Waste Land' from a female perspective. She has also written an article for Pie Paper called Traces of Memory.
Maree has worked with The Jade String Quartet at Highwic House, Auckland. Oisin Lunny liked Maree’s work so much he published it on his blog.
Maree is also a featured poet in the University of Nebraska's literary journal, The Platte Valley Review. In 2012 Maree is reciting in Argentina, Colombia, Spain and Ireland. Locally in New Zealand in 2012 she participated as part of the Depot Artspace Cultural Mapping project with such acclaimed artist ‘s as Dean Buchanan, Ralph Hotere, Nigel Brown and Debbie Harwood. Maree recited at the opening event to an audience of 300 people. Not only did she [perform Maree also exhibited her first piece of art. The art was a two piece instillation which comprised of
a giant symbolic marionette that Maree simply called Effigy. Next to this piece of work was a poem which was wrapped around a pole in a symbolic DNA shape. When asked about the exhibition and her first art exhibit being with such artistic luminaries Maree simply said, ' I decided to do it, and I am pleased I did not know who else was in the exhibition or I might have been scared'. However, Maree's artistic talent in visuals is something NEw Zealand painter Max Gimblett has recognised and he has inspired and encouraged her to think about showing her own art. Performance
2009, Performed Poetry at Private function, Takapuna Beach.
2009, Private Function for women, Ponsonby.
2006, performed/ recited as ‘Poetess and Acolyte’ in The Death and Resurrection Show’ dir. Shaun Pettigrew. In production.
2006- 2007 Produced, organized and performed in Poets Paradiso at ‘The Depot Art Space’ in Devonport. Attaining sponsorship from Montana (2006-07) , Charlies & Caroline Church. Performed along with C.K Stead, Michael Hurst, Kevin Ireland, Karla Milo, Miriam Barr, Karen Hay, Bob Harvey, Jodie Rimmer, SonjaYelich, Riemke Ensing et al.
2006, Produced, organized event, media and performed at poetry night at Brix café, Auckland.
2006, Guest poet at Poetry Live, Auckland.
2005, Produced, directed, organized event and media for Montana poetry day event at Corban’s Estate Wine Cellar. Along with organizing I performed along with violinist Mahuia Bridgman Cooper and poets John Yelash, Marie Barrabel, Alan Papprill et al.
2004, Produced, directed, organized event, media and performed at Poets Picnic in Corban’s Estate Winery. Along with Allistair Patterson, Lisa Gunther (Canadian Poet) et al.
2004. Recited/ Performed at Devonport’s, ‘The Bunker.’
2001, Peugeot advert, France, Extra.
1996, Recited/ performed in Brittany at private party of Bernard Locca, (notorious French painter) .
1996, Recited/ performed in Ireland at various places, Rosin Dubh, O Malleys etc…
1995-7 performed in Ireland, At Appleby Fair, Scotland. Recited in Binic, France
1995, ‘Pan Rises’ performed with fire dancer and fiddle player in Galway Ireland, By Maree Scarlett. Dir. Maree Scarlett, Prod. Maree Scarlett.
1994, co wrote song ‘Nothing Left to Lose’ appearing on Emma Pakis album ‘Oxygen of love’ released 1996, Virgin Records.90’s, in the early 90’s busked around the South Island with Mary Shannon
2006, Peter Hook, (from New Order/ Joy division) arranged and organized interview, for Death and Resurrection show, dir. Shaun Pettigrew (see below, 'Feature Film') .
2006, Dr. Cornelius Van Dorp, for Death and Resurrection Show (see below, 'Feature Film') .
2006, Physicists from Devonport Naval Base, D.R.S.
Interviewed and performed on George FM.
Interviewed and performed on Bfm.
Interviewed in Pavement in 2006 Magazine / paper articles/ journalism.
1996-7, wrote Live Music Reviews for Irish Galway paper, ‘The Big Gig’.
2004, Book reviews for ‘Third Age magazine’.
Voice work
1998, voice samples with Jeff Scantlebury
1996, voice Samples with Dave Armstrong, Isle of Mann music.
Voice Over
2000-4 Voice Over at BFM, George FM and Channel Z including 0800 Party Bus, Woman’s Weekly, Big Day Out, Ronnie Size, Soundz NZ, Chelsea’s Leaving Party, etc…
2001 - Extra, Peugeot advert, France.
Feature Film
2006 - Performed as Acolyte in ‘Death and Resurrection show’, dir. Shaun Pettigrew, in production.

Maree Scarlett's Works:

op cit., biography above. These works have originally previously been published elsewhere. Updates

A Muse Of Polysemy.

My muse speaks to me,
in alluring tones dressed
in a cloak made of Nights'
firmament, sky of subaqueous midnight
he asks me to take assurance
in his penetrating voice.
The witching hour wakes me
in anxiety I stretch shaking
legs over cleans sheets

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