Margaret Alice Second

Gold Star - 17,355 Points (24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Biography of Margaret Alice Second

I'm a translator who loves languages for the music in it and suffer the grammar and other rules for the joy of hearing the cascading sounds rhythmically spilling over me. I live in South Africa and work in Pretoria as an undercover poet cum government official, still dreaming of 007 status - and who doesn't...

Friday night 11 July 2014
Oh for to dance all night long, to swirl on the song, to twirl in my dreams where everything is how I want it to be...

Saturday night 21 September 2013:

As an Astrogenetic Cancerian Alice (with apologies to Linda Goodman and Lewis Carrol) I dutifully called my Leonine mom, the Queen of Hearts, who was happily ensconced in a Seance with her Myrmidons, and then I inadvertently tread on the toes of my Scorpion Beloved whose uncontrollable urge to sting all touching him, made him retaliate...

To add insult to injury, when I withdrew into my shell, he accused me of hurting him with no concern for the way he stung me; so when my Aquarian daughter called me to task for leaving my plastic cushion in her bathroom, I threw the cushion out of the window, causing general upheaval...

Such is the joys of domestic life - let it be known that I am leaving the reincarnational cycle and will move on to non-physical existence after this stint in the solar system; I find it a most ridiculous and self-defeating situation and do not plan to ever engage in Astrogenetic life again - ever...

It is time to concentrate on making communication between dimensions possible and to that end I wish to move between as many dimensions as possible. Aha, at least and finally, I have formulated the purpose of my existence in my biography, how's that, Nietsche,
Goethe et al?

Friday 14 November 2011: Continuing life as Margaret Alice (Second) to show where my scribblings continue, is confusing – but I could not find my way in the chaos of my first posting site. Ah, and today, the air-con is off, my head is sore, fanatics held me enthralled when I should have been working to reach higher production numbers to earn my salary honestly –though that is impossible given that I failed to turn into a machine- in spite of all my attempts to die unto myself – I am sorry, being dead is just not possible while my spirit is so much alive – but the next batch of soul-destroying documents might just bring it to pass - hope never dies!

Wednesday 9 November 2011: Two arrest warrants to translate, two nightmares - so I confide my overflowing feelings to paper - without impossible projects, with nothing to do; I stop writing also - so I suppose translation is the terrible inspiration that forces me to counter my inadequacy by writing words who are free - without the constrictions of a source text and the terrible limitations of an even worse target text!

Sunday 16 October 2011 – I am a public servant who translates documents from the unpoetic original into prosaic terms in a target language while my soul is singing its own song inside…

Monday 8 August 2011 - Let it be chronicled that I lost today, the headache did not go away, and tonight I am bored with my thoughts. I have lost the ability to transcend horrible times with pictures and thoughts, time to practice again...

Since my previous Margaret Alice spot on Poemhunter got so clogged, people complained they could not access and read my poems, so I am continuing in a new spot - let's hope this will enable others to read Margaret Alice again...see my pictures and ideas at
where I am Agent Snowflake, writing as Peanuts. Updates

Swaying Then Dancing

Crushed under a grey day, reports of my
mother in pain, Carine weighed down by
four steel pegs and ten screws in her leg,
no escape from scrambled thoughts

Went out marching, swaying then dancing
to musical rhythms, becoming one with the
beat of the universe, not a care in the world
as velvet voices sing joy into my mind

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