Margaret Alice

Rookie - 3 Points (The Crystal Age / Pretoria - South Africa)

Margaret Alice Poems

1121. Potholes Abound 4/5/2009
1122. Victorious Love 5.3.2009 5/3/2009
1123. I Am Safe 4.10.2009 4/10/2009
1124. The Beauty I Adore 3/27/2009
1125. Work Poems: Running Around Screaming 3/11/2009
1126. Private, Confidential 2. 3/5/2009
1127. Held Together By Infinite Love 12/13/2008
1128. Cynical, Critical, Yet Compassionate (Rev.) 1/2/2009
1129. Laughed My Way Through Traffic… 11/23/2008
1130. Nici Wanted Earrings 9/13/2008
1131. Quietly Fading Away… 9/25/2008
1132. The Family Rutaceae 9.18.2008 9/18/2008
1133. A Hollow Victory (Rev.) 9/12/2008
1134. A Magic Practice 9/6/2008
1135. Slain By Hungary’s King 9.6.2008 9/6/2008
1136. A Flashback Reaction 9/7/2008
1137. Anchor In Foreverness 8/17/2008
1138. Change The World 8/17/2008
1139. Expertise Of A Space-Age Scientist 8/12/2008
1140. Best-Kept Secret 8/11/2008
1141. The Near-Accident 7.31.2008 7/31/2008
1142. Afr: Jy Kan Maar Legkaarte Bou 7.30.2008 7/30/2008
1143. 'Beautiful Images Of A Safe Future World 7/16/2008
1144. Excel At Playing Puck! 7/8/2008
1145. Always Yearning For A Different Life 6.22.2008 6/22/2008
1146. Cat Attacks, Fun, Fault, Right Answer 5.3.2008 5/3/2008
1147. Fantasy: Alexander Pushkin’s Exotic Twist - Snow White 4/5/2008
1148. Esoteric: Aetheric: Cosmic Revelation, Sub-Quantum Phenomenon 4/1/2008
1149. Fairytales Are Alive And Well In Tales Like These 2/13/2008
1150. Digging For Diamonds And Gold & Looking At Jica, Dfid And Bird 3/19/2008
1151. French: Pour Professeur Binam Bikoi Du Cameroun 3/7/2008
1152. Having Fun All The Time! 10/13/2007
1153. Early Morning At Work, Laughter And Fun 8/31/2007
1154. The Evening Is Also Ruined 8/27/2007
1155. Have Not Repaired My Fractured Aura Again 8/22/2007
1156. Work Poems: Undercover Agent 8/10/2007
1157. Variations: Alice Had Become A Valence Electron! 7/14/2007
1158. Fantasy: Camouflage Cover Tracks Of Incognito Spy 7/28/2007
1159. Family: Modern Saint Of Womanhood 7/26/2007
1160. Did It Please You To See Us Cringe? 6/22/2007

Comments about Margaret Alice

  • Xxx Xxx (12/7/2008 1:48:00 PM)

    i like what you are writing, looks sincere, honest and with talent

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    1 person did not like.
  • Murtala Ramat (4/9/2008 4:57:00 AM)

    hi poets, good wishes to all.i am going to publish a bilingual poetry magazine named 'KABICAFE' (proposed) from Bangladesh.You r encouraged to send three of ur best short poems (not more than 12 lines) with a brief biography.I hope all the young poets would help me to fulfill my dream project by enriching my magazine.welcome to all & thanks a lot.murtala ramat, poet of Bangladesh.

  • Ivan Donn Carswell (2/5/2008 4:17:00 AM)

    Lil sis is Faerie Queen - beware, owls fly backwards, clocks speak and crocodiles serve tea. With great decorum. Margaret has earned her distinction. Enjoy! Regards, Ivan

  • Goldy Locks (10/18/2007 12:31:00 PM)

    rich with substance and insight and wisdom. Astute, energetic.

    keep on, Margaret.

    sjg -~-

  • Sue Ann Simar (6/15/2007 6:52:00 PM)

    I like the energy of Margaret Alice's work. Her words are her own.

  • Kee Thampi (2/23/2007 12:34:00 AM)

    I really find a good poet engross with fugitive....she flourish war of words for less privileged working class. she is beyond all reach of my words

  • Gerhard Knight (1/25/2007 7:47:00 AM)

    I wonder if this is possible and if it is I also believe that your ego will be quite something to have! ! Something magnificent

Best Poem of Margaret Alice

'Find Such Fun 03/10/09

When things are going well, I forget man-
kind’s sufferings, but then we race through
the land in hubby’s big new car, eating junk
so that I grab the psalmbook to find refuge
against the arrows of allergic evil

Start reading Psalm 38 as rhymed in Afrikaans
by a Revisionist Commission in 1936 and find
such fun in the sufferings of a fellow allergy-
sufferer who seems to have a hangover also,
making me laugh, thus I feel better again!

The Psalm and Hymn Book published by the Dutch
Reformed Church,1958; Psalm 38 ...

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