Margaret Alice

Rookie - 3 Points (The Crystal Age / Pretoria - South Africa)

Margaret Alice Poems

201. Science: Cosmological Constant 2/15/2008
202. Diets Only Work When They Contain Cadbury’s 2/16/2008
203. Following His Advice Is Like Climbing A Mountain Of Glass 2/18/2008
204. Pratchett: Create Wisdom Not Far From The Listening Monks 2/18/2008
205. 'Guarding Their Little Secrets For As Long As Possible 2/19/2008
206. Fantasy: Losing Himself In Her Sparkling Eyes 2/20/2008
207. Start With The Padre & Accept Judge And Judgmentee 2/20/2008
208. Pratchett: Nichtlachen-Keinwortz, Mr Bent 2/22/2008
209. Events Eventuating & Fornication & Fine Criminal Mind 2/23/2008
210. Feelings: Can'T Endure Uneasy Desperation 2/25/2008
211. Feelings: Pick Way Carefully, Curse Of Pyramid, Palatable 2/27/2008
212. Contrary To What I Feel 3/2/2008
213. Contemplating The Princess Vision 3/2/2008
214. Feelings: Names Singing A Song & Cerdotola Today 3/4/2008
215. Fr: Au Docteur Diarra Et À Béatrice 3/7/2008
216. Phislosphy: Acceptance Way Beyond Endearment 3/9/2008
217. Ph Passions: Falling In And Out Of Love 3/11/2008
218. Personalities Rotating Between Lives 3/12/2008
219. Dream Of Sleeping At My Desk 3/13/2008
220. Joie De Vivre: Having Brobdingnagian Fun 3/14/2008
221. Feelings: Attack Of Killer-Allergens 3/14/2008
222. Family: Followed Mischievously In Your Courtly Wake 3/15/2008
223. Superhumans Shine In Loving Radiation 3/15/2008
224. Philosophy: Anointed By Ideals; Heroic Impulses, Jane Roberts 3/18/2008
225. Robbed And Maimed & Joy And Wonder & Moments Of Vision 2/28/2008
226. Family: Golden-Haired Fairy 3/20/2008
227. Fantasy: Seven Baby Dragonlets, Cake-And-Icing 3/21/2008
228. Science: Time Tapestry, Times Exist Simultaneously 3/22/2008
229. Music: Listening To Happy Strauss Waltzes In The Distance 3/25/2008
230. Feelings: Chocolate Cake 3/25/2008
231. Philosophy: Perfecting Comedy, Being Wrong, Right Question 3/25/2008
232. Books: The Trouble With Magic 3/25/2008
233. More Space For Joy & World As It Is 3/28/2008
234. Selfhelp: Cherished As An Invaluable Gift 3/29/2008
235. Fantasy: Baron Boris Von Bigwigsburg* 3/29/2008
236. Family: Halting My Velcro-Mind With Sticky Stuff 3/31/2008
237. Feelings: Need To Recharge & Setting You Free 3/31/2008
238. Fantasy: Dream Of Life Again 4/1/2008
239. Science: The Same Short Thrift With Which You Dismissed 4/3/2008
240. Pratchett: My Filing System Just Like Unseen University 4/3/2008
Best Poem of Margaret Alice

'Find Such Fun 03/10/09

When things are going well, I forget man-
kind’s sufferings, but then we race through
the land in hubby’s big new car, eating junk
so that I grab the psalmbook to find refuge
against the arrows of allergic evil

Start reading Psalm 38 as rhymed in Afrikaans
by a Revisionist Commission in 1936 and find
such fun in the sufferings of a fellow allergy-
sufferer who seems to have a hangover also,
making me laugh, thus I feel better again!

The Psalm and Hymn Book published by the Dutch
Reformed Church,1958; Psalm 38 ...

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Exciting Speculation

Mystery creating exciting speculation
in the infinity of a moment of eternity:

In the year nineteen hundred and nine
near the Grand Canyon's dramatic impact
a man called Hicaid
found a sub-terranean city
built with the most marvellous precision
vast enough to accommodate

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