margaret atkinson

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um well im 15 and a freshman i love horror. i love edgar allan poe, edgar gabriel silex, John locke, robert frost, and alfred noyes. I write or draw and sing constantly im a very artsy person i think in so many different ways i contradict myself and do not lack conviction i am simply a new me out of the ashes Updates

The Screams In My Ear

i wake up to the screams in my ear
i want them to leave but they always come nearer
i hate you, your ugly, and stupid they say
they sit there and just claw me away
i scream out in agony but end up falling in defeat
for the screams get louder every time i plead
then i writhe in this darkness that you've put me in
and die in this darkness of everlasting sin
the voices are gone as i float away

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