Margaret BrownBailey

Biography of Margaret BrownBailey

Born in Jamaica, West Indies, Margaret Brown-Bailey started writing at the tender age of nine years old. She started her career by writing recipes, and then began writing poetry at thirteen years old. Currently her work can be viewed on (My Granny Series) , and You may log on to the following website to view poetry that is included in her latest book, 'Life Is Never What You Think......' The address is: http: // Updates


I lay bleeding but no one sees me,
They flitter by happy and carefree,
Just like Jesus nailed to the cross,
No one sees me or cares about my loss,
They want to be cajoled,
They want to be consoled,
Yet no one understands that emotions are oozing out of me,
Is it that they don't care?
Or don't they understand,

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