margaret haig

Rookie (19th/06th/1954 / Carlton Vic)

margaret haig Poems

1. The Story Of My Life In A Poem 6/5/2012
2. My Funny Talk 6/25/2012
3. See Them At Christmas 7/2/2012
4. Seasons 7/2/2012
5. Christ Is My Light 7/3/2012
6. A Mother's Love 7/3/2012
7. We Saw The Star 7/4/2012
8. So What Has Happened? 7/31/2012
9. Sunshine Of My Life 7/31/2012
10. What Happened To Them. 8/4/2012
11. Mum And Dad's Silly Sayings 8/5/2012
12. We Need To Walk The Way Of God 8/13/2012
13. My Life's Work 8/16/2012
14. Happy Birthday 8/23/2012
15. What A Life 8/26/2012
16. With Christ I Can 9/15/2012
17. To A Friend 9/15/2012
18. As I Was Growing Up 9/15/2012
19. An Inspiration 9/20/2012
20. The 3 Monkeys 7/4/2012
21. I Want To Say Thanks For My Mother 7/5/2012
22. Send A Kind Word. 7/5/2012
23. The First Artist And Author. 7/10/2012
24. Walking Along The Road 9/21/2012
25. What'Ll We Do For Christmas? 9/21/2012
26. Give A Flower 9/22/2012
27. The Race And The Entrants 9/23/2012
28. Our Land 9/26/2012
29. Won'T Be Much Longer. 9/30/2012
30. What's Wrong With Kid Now? 10/5/2012
31. What'Ll I. Do? 10/12/2012
32. Let's Go. Out. 10/12/2012
33. To Meditate. 10/17/2012
34. Rainbows 10/19/2012
35. The Abused Wife 10/22/2012
36. I Feel Like Something 10/22/2012
37. The Sunlight Of God 10/24/2012
38. What Does God Give Me? 10/24/2012
39. What Do You Call It? 10/27/2012
40. Pray For Them In Queensland 10/29/2012
Best Poem of margaret haig

Funny Things That Happen.

Funny things that happen quite often to me,

Like going shopping for slippers, and come home without;

Or go out in a tshirt, but find it's back to front I see,

Am I going crazy, what's happening should I shout?

Funny things that happen when you go to ring on the phone,

Then sure it's the right number, but a man says I've been here a year;

So you end up finding the man is your neighbor in his home,

So you gasp for an excuse, to get off the line, realizing he's so near.

Funny things that's happened to my dad one day, ...

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What is a season, sometimes children ask,
Then to explain to them is not a hard task;
its four groups of months, divided equally,
Winter I like, It's the month so special to me.

First we take Summer, it's sometimes so very hot,
But; when you get to go swimming, it cools you a lot;
Eating Salads, and lovely cold drinks, and sweet too,
But; when it's in the 40's, I just don't know what to do.

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