margaret haig

Rookie (19th/06th/1954 / Carlton Vic)

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41. My Poem Of My Four Legged Family 11/2/2012
42. Children Are Today. 11/2/2012
43. Help Me Lord 11/2/2012
44. Let's Have A Party. 11/3/2012
45. Tell Me A Story, 11/3/2012
46. Let's Look At The Years. 11/3/2012
47. What Is Grace? 11/5/2012
48. Don'T Try To Enter. 11/5/2012
49. Oh! Can It Be? 11/7/2012
50. God Is..... 11/29/2012
51. Daniel Was A Man, 11/29/2012
52. I Want To 12/1/2012
53. What Country Shall We Go To? 12/3/2012
54. As The Year 12/2/2012
55. Joy And Anger 12/4/2012
56. There Was A Sweet Lady 12/6/2012
57. Hang Them 12/8/2012
58. The Animals Of Christmas 12/8/2012
59. Ding Dong 12/10/2012
60. Christ Has Promised. 12/15/2012
61. So What About Today? 12/20/2012
62. So Why Do We 12/25/2012
63. There Was A Young Lady From Shrew. 12/27/2012
64. We Must Learn 12/29/2012
65. The Bible Alphabet 12/30/2012
66. The Star 12/30/2012
67. Thank You Lord, 12/31/2012
68. Let's Show Care! 12/31/2012
69. David Said, 1/2/2013
70. Another: 1/9/2013
71. Let's Think 1/9/2013
72. So That's What It's Like 1/15/2013
73. The Life Of A Butterfly. 1/15/2013
74. The Floral Poem. 1/15/2013
75. Transport. 11/8/2012
76. What Shall We Eat, ? 11/8/2012
77. The Fishermen Of Gallilee 11/10/2012
78. Let's Protect Them 11/10/2012
79. Let Us Care 11/11/2012
80. We Don'T Need. 11/14/2012
Best Poem of margaret haig

Funny Things That Happen.

Funny things that happen quite often to me,

Like going shopping for slippers, and come home without;

Or go out in a tshirt, but find it's back to front I see,

Am I going crazy, what's happening should I shout?

Funny things that happen when you go to ring on the phone,

Then sure it's the right number, but a man says I've been here a year;

So you end up finding the man is your neighbor in his home,

So you gasp for an excuse, to get off the line, realizing he's so near.

Funny things that's happened to my dad one day, ...

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What is a season, sometimes children ask,
Then to explain to them is not a hard task;
its four groups of months, divided equally,
Winter I like, It's the month so special to me.

First we take Summer, it's sometimes so very hot,
But; when you get to go swimming, it cools you a lot;
Eating Salads, and lovely cold drinks, and sweet too,
But; when it's in the 40's, I just don't know what to do.

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