Margaret Kollmer

Biography of Margaret Kollmer

Have been writing ever since I discovered the fascination of words. Most of what I write falls into the poetry genre - perhaps mostly in humorous vein. I love satire but have to tame my spirit or I'd get shot, banished to a strange island or maybe even be scowled at.

Margaret Kollmer's Works:

Numerous magazine articles, poems, book reviews, etc.
To Make a Mocking Word Sing and get published!
Letters to Les - An encounter with grief.
11 South African Folk Tales in 11 Official Languages
Contributed to a humour column for over 15 years - writing limericks, parodies and sometimes some horrific little tales about Mary and her little lamb. Wonderful practice for all forms of writing! Updates

Hello World!

Breathing deeply
the night hours pass
until snug in the ageing palm
of dawn
a nevoid fireball
bleary-eyed and belly full
bounces and bobs
on yesterday's wounds;
leaving me crowing
and breathing deeply
the taunting tang
of another crackerjack day.