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I am writing the poetry and the prose. I am not shunning the satire and little literary forms miniatures, haiku, tanka itp.) happen for me onself to write texts of songs.I finished the journalism, but I having a job, running the own educational company. Writing is my passion to whom I will be able to entirely devote the time only when I being retired. I am inviting to read and comment. Thanks and greetings. Maria Barbara Korynt

Maria Barbara Korynt's Works:

published together with my daughter 'Stories and poems' - Dagmara Korynt & Maria Korynt - (pl) .(Opowiadania i wiersze - ISBN 83-921276-0-9; 2004 r.) Updates

Disappearing Tracks

consistently a time is covering
tracks of the lipstick
on the glassware up
as if through a haze
more and more indistinct

they are disappearing
in order not to come back

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