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I am writing the poetry and the prose. I am not shunning the satire and little literary forms miniatures, haiku, tanka itp.) happen for me onself to write texts of songs.I finished the journalism, but I having a job, running the own educational company. Writing is my passion to whom I will be able to entirely devote the time only when I being retired. I am inviting to read and comment. Thanks and greetings. Maria Barbara Korynt

Maria Barbara Korynt's Works:

published together with my daughter 'Stories and poems' - Dagmara Korynt & Maria Korynt - (pl) .(Opowiadania i wiersze - ISBN 83-921276-0-9; 2004 r.) Updates

Poem Full Of The Faith

My solitude is Your will God
I happened to make my way unusually calmly
Where are ending life, what ups and downs
And the dream is eternal where we are free

It was hard from resign playing, games, of delight
And from people who were after all close with me
But I today I have no regrets of nothing

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