Maria Deyana M.V.

Biography of Maria Deyana M.V.

' Maria Deyana M.V. was born in 1967 in Croatia. As a student of Faculty of Pedagogy and a member of the Association of the yound writers of Croatia, started to publish her work quite early in journals and periodicals. She worked as a presenter on TV and journalist in a newspaper. As the war engulfed territorries of former Yugoslavia her book of poetry in preparation 'Child of Eden' was destroyed. Published three books of poetry: “Girls Treasury” – “Acridity” - 1994 “Good water” - 1995 “The Wound” - 2005 She lives and works in London, United Kingdom. '

Nominated as Universal Peace Ambassador in the framework of the Universal Peace Ambassadors Circle, Geneva Switzerland

Maria Deyana M.V.'s Works:

'Girls Treasury-Acridity'-1994
'Good Water'-1995
'The Wound'-2005 Updates


To keep silent itself in front of us
every morning the same paths the same ways
asphalt hard and rude...

Every morning in seuls
silence our steps resound...

Every morning on the same ways,
every morning on the same paths
towards which goals we go...

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