Maria Kamy Abdool

Rookie (On a cozy Monday in the soft month of December / Beneath the stars)

Biography of Maria Kamy Abdool

Inspiration transpires from a sleek setting of the sun, colliding upon the golden surface of the sea. A song wafting from enthralling waves, kissing the shores, conveying a tale from a fable that took place centuries ago. Within my poetry, you will find love, tears, sadness, inspiration, and strength in the silhouette of words. The softness and imagery of each verse will cascade you along with the western wind and settle you amongst radiating stars as you silently erode, deeper and deeper into a vicinity where each word was composed. Within the utterances, you will distinguish a cause to smile, to laugh, to suspire a dream within a dream as your imagination begin to rain silver raindrops. Writing is a passion which I thirst, a song with luscious melodies, a cup filled to its golden brim, a dream, a desire, an urge, and in my work, I often capture myself in the forms of every line written with beauteous reliance of conducting you along with me upon the pilgrimage of my fantasy.

Maria Kamy Abdool's Works:

Whispers in the wind
Eventide Bliss Updates

Mystical Kisses

Leave a trail of your mystical kisses,
When I am parched by summer’s heat,
Bring your sugar-filled whispers close by.
Mark a meeting with the sun and the sky,
Lean towards me the softness from the
Morning clouds that falls like soothing
Droplets on a humid day.
Lay with me under a rainbow on an evening
Filled with tranquility,

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