maria perez

Biography of maria perez

i was born and from that point everything changed
i ruined ppls lives
i was always alone
no one cared
A LOT of ppl betrayed me
i cry
cuz of it
i love poetry
but it doesnt really make me feel good
but it keeps me away from certain thoughts
i love to box
football, soccer, and basketball
and im a gurl with alot of problem
always coming at me
wen 1 ends another starts
but im happy only wen im alone
or with ppl that actually care wich is
about 1 once a year or month
all i mostly need is a friend but a true
friend but unfortunalty
i cant and sure never will
also i write my poetry from experience
not from it just poppin in my head Updates


we met and
you told me that
you would always be there
for me
you told me to
be happy
but as i look into
you eyes

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