Maria Rose

Biography of Maria Rose

Maria Rose,26 years old.MA, M.phil English; Working as a guest lecturer.Interested in reading and writing.
Among my favorite writers: Jonathan Swift, Mark Twain, Jane Austen, R L Stevenson, John Buchan, Dylan Thomas, T.S Eliot, e.e Cummings, Tennesee Williams.

Books that I keep near my Pillow: The Bible, Gulliver's Travels, Alice in Wonderland, Huckleberry Finn, Glass Menagerie.

Maria Rose's Works:

Malayalam Translation of Mark Twain's 'Huckleberry Finn', Translation of John Buchan's '39 Steps', Study on Adaptation: 'Disinterring Dracula: A Study of transformation from Page to Screen with particular reference to Francis Ford Coppola's Adaptation'. Updates

Eve’s Apple

i have every reason to believe
that God is a Man.
his voice was hard and rough
like my husband’s
when he questioned me.
my trembling husband proved
that he is spineless
(like his sons) when he
washed off his hands.