Maria Segura

Biography of Maria Segura

I was born to a very young, to a very inexperienced Couple. I almost died at a very young age.I spend most of my childhood with my maternal grandparents. Sweet and loving they were.Never thought I was poor until others told me we were.But now I know for a fact that in all. I was very rich.Fresh and clean food everyday, sights that will never be forgotten in my mind.I married someone probably for all the wrong reasons.I really am not sorry 'cause out of that union I have six wonderful children.I have a special love for life. I have a special love in mind.I will forever be in love with love.and I will forever be in love with that guy. Updates

Your Kiss Stole My Heart

Long time ago we came to be,
Me a girl with no care, and you with jean jacket & no sleeves,
Me roller skating, and you? You just appeared.

What was it that you said?
Oh yeah, “from where may I be? ”
I told you “ from far away” It didn’t matter to me.

You were very thin, wearing Bell Bottom Jeans,

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