Maria Smith Abdy

(1797-1867 / United Kingdom)

Biography of Maria Smith Abdy

Maria Abdy, née Smith (c. 1797-1867) was an English poet.

Early life

Maria Abdy was the daughter of Richard Smith, a solicitor, and Maria Smith, sister to James and Horace Smith. James and Horace were authors of the comedy book Rejected Addresses written in 1812. Maria Abdy was a first born child.


Maria Abdy had a love for science, but she would become frustrated with mysteries she didn't understand. She married John Channing Abdy, a clergyman who succeeded his father as rector of St John's, Southwark. John Channing Abdy and Maria Abdy had at least one boy before she was widowed in the 1830s.


Some of her religious poems were intended to be sung as hymns. She also published poetry in periodicals, such as the New Monthly Magazine and the Metropolitan Magazine, and annuals such as The Keepsake and the Book of Beauty. She often signed her name "M.A". Many of Maria's subjects involved circumstances in modern life. Most of her work is instructional, but she could also be very clever because of the influence of her uncles. Her comic pieces are very successful and imaginative. Maria Abdy died on 19 July in 1867.

Maria Smith Abdy's Works:

* Poetry, 1834 (as Mrs Abdy)
* Poetry, 2nd series, 1838
* Poetry, 3rd series
* Poetry, 4th series
* Poetry, 5th series
* Poetry, 6th series
* Poetry, 7th series
* Poetry, 8th series, 1862 Updates

The Home Of Happier Days

Yes, bright the velvet lawn appears,
And fair the blooming bowers;
Yet blame me not—I view with tears,
This scene of light and flowers;
Strangers possess my native halls,
And tread my wonted ways;
Alas! no look, no voice recalls,
The Home of Happier Days.
The gay guitar is still in tune;

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