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Maria Sudibyo Poems

401. Pity 12/29/2009
402. East Is Red 12/29/2009
403. Priest Sight On Morning Hall 1/15/2010
404. The Fate Of Silkworm 1/15/2010
405. Fundamental Of Liar Chapter Lxi: Crowd 1/15/2010
406. Love Me If You D(C) Are 1/15/2010
407. Blind Sun 1/15/2010
408. Sense Of Senses 1/22/2010
409. Coming-Age Dawn 1/22/2010
410. Fundamental Of Liar Chapter Lxii: Lawyer 1/22/2010
411. Lover Tango 1/22/2010
412. The Human In Front 1/29/2010
413. Under The Snow Rain 1/29/2010
414. That Will Be Truth 1/29/2010
415. The Day Of Being Immortal 1/29/2010
416. Fundamental Of Liar Chapter Lxiii: Complimentary 1/29/2010
417. How To Be A Great Actor 2/19/2010
418. Why Should We Do To Not Be Caught By Wind? 2/19/2010
419. The Origin Of Trust 2/19/2010
420. Treasure For Sure 2/19/2010
421. There Is No Ice That Will Never Melt 2/26/2010
422. Fundamental Of Liar Chapter Lxvi: In The Name Of 2/26/2010
423. Fundamental Of Liar Chapter Lxvii: Nickname 2/26/2010
424. Fundamental Of Liar Chapter Lxviii: Paradox Room 2/26/2010
425. Fundamental Of Liar Chapter Lxix: Help! 2/26/2010
426. Empathy 3/2/2010
427. This Is My Rain 3/2/2010
428. Greeting 3/5/2010
429. Devil In Love 3/5/2010
430. Small Station 3/5/2010
431. Fundamental Of Liar Chapter Lxx: Good Vs Bad 3/14/2010
432. Fundamental Of Liar Chapter Lxxi: Trick 3/14/2010
433. Fundamental Of Liar Chapter Lxxii: Art Of Arts 3/14/2010
434. Fundamental Of Liar Chapter Lxxiii: Gender 3/14/2010
435. Yasashina Sei 3/14/2010
436. Wrinkles 3/14/2010
437. Classic 3/21/2010
438. Traffic Jam The Sequel 3/21/2010
439. Art Of Heart 3/21/2010
440. A Happy Me And Less Know Me 3/28/2010
Best Poem of Maria Sudibyo

On Tears Lonely Lonely Cry

On tears lonely lonely cry
You always shade on my mind
Even you had flied away
Left me alone in the night

On tears lonely lonely cry
No one can take that place
My first love you have to know
You’ve never gone in my heart

Oh why, oh why
I can’t forget your kiss goodbye
I want crying to you
Bring this pain from my life

On tears lonely lonely cry
My first love you have to know
The memory was closed
In my broken lonely heart

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Right To Light

Get the freedom of light!
If you can’t spell right
Then you’ll get light
If you can’t speak light
Then you’ll get right
See you would never go wrong with that
Get right!

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