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1. Santa Comes By 12/2/2008
2. Don'T Want To Loose Them 12/3/2008
3. We Won'T Give Up 12/4/2008
4. Cooking 12/4/2008
5. Brave Men And Women 12/4/2008
6. Taken By Surprise 12/4/2008
7. My Best Friends 12/4/2008
8. Art 12/4/2008
9. Time Goes By 12/7/2008
10. Horses 12/7/2008
11. So Many Things On My Mind 12/24/2008
12. My Puppies 12/5/2008
13. A King Being Born 12/4/2008
14. Lots To Do 12/4/2008
15. Poems 12/4/2008
16. Friends Forever 12/2/2008
17. Couldn'T Ask For Anymore 11/27/2008
18. Fashion 12/5/2008
19. Animals 11/28/2008
20. Dance 12/4/2008
21. Kids, Kids, Kids! 11/28/2008

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Kids, Kids, Kids!

Kids like to run around,
Kids like to jump up and down,
Kids like to bounce in and out,
They like to scream and shout,
They like to ring bells and make noise,
The boys play with bats,
And the girls play with cats,
Kids need mats because they leave tracks,
So if you can't find them follow their trail,
You might find a button,
You might find a nail,
I can't guarantee that their neat,
But I can tell you their fun to meet!

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Santa Comes By

Christmas is close,
Christmas is near,
As i sit on the stair,
And look out the window,
I hear jingle bells a-ringle,
As I stand up and hear,
A Hearty Ho! Ho! Ho!
It's santa he landed in the snow,
Look at Dancer and Prancer go,

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