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Rookie (09/22/1990 / Liberia)

Biography of mariama konneh

my name is Mariama Konneh, i was born and raise in Monrovia Liberia of west Africa. i live in Austin Texas with my mother and 5 siblings. i speak 5 languages. im currently attending Austin community college majoring in arts. i grew interest for poetry in high school when i join my English teacher Ms.Deprang to form a poetry club. together as a group we publishes a book call 'on the meeting ground'. i use poetry to express myself and to write about my experiences in life. i graduated from high school in 2008 so i couldn't continue attending the club again but i write a poem or two once in a while. i also draw and play lots of sports.

mariama konneh's Works:

On The meeting Grounds Updates

Unmiracle Doctor

i was a 16 year old girl running for safety
you took your gun out to take what you didn't give me.
you fight with weapons
you fight with you strenght
but you still cant win because
my words are killing you little by little
my words are making you change to
the person you hate
i used my pen as a gun

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