Marie Causey

Rookie (5/3/1959 / Newton Le willows UK)

Biography of Marie Causey

Marie Causey poet

The Poet: Marie Causey

On the 5th March 1959, a marvellous poet was born in Newton Le Willows Lancashire to George and Elsie Hurst. Her Name Marie Shirley Hurst. Marie also has a brother John & a sister Dorothy. In 1990, she became Marie Causey. Thanks to Phil. Marie has 2 children named Joanne & Sonya. Joanne and Sonya have given her 4 grandchildren; Fatima & Ibrahim, and Joshua & Jamie. Marie loves being a grandmother, She is very proud of her daughters and grandchildren.

Marie Causey, now 53 is a successful & vivacious poet. In the 1970’s, Marie was delighted to find that one of her poems, ‘Down in the Valley’ (a miner’s poem.) , had been exhibitioned in Ashton Library. This incidentally was her favourite poem! More good luck followed as she wrote a poetic book named ‘Coal Dust’.
‘Coal Dust’ was a tribute to her father George Hurst. He had worked as a miner since he was 14. Sadly, he died in 1988 aged 68.
Nowadays, in her spare time, Marie practices Spirit Art and Card Making. However, the rest of the time, she is writing hundreds of poems. All spectacular in every way! She has been interested in poetry from a young age.

Marie Causey is witty with words & shows her emotion in every phenomenal poems. Spine tingling poems are produced, filling you with passion. A few of them can be found at

The brilliance of Marie Causey’s mind & heart gleams bright in all of her poems. Marie has a remarkable future in poetry ahead of her. She should continue for the sake of her fans, friends & family.

Marie Causey's Works:

Coal Dust By Marie Causey Updates

I Am Still Here

Hello I am still here

My mother used to visit a medium
A lovely old dear
She would say I have your father
'Whispering in my ear'
She would relay his message
Loud and clear
Granddad had gone

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