Marie Joyce B. Negapatan Biography

Negapatan, Marie Joyce (1984-) , was born in a private hospital somewhere in Mandaluyong City to a mother who is a registered nurse and a father who (was) a professional electrical mechanical engineer and an inventor. Her parents were never married yet they bore 6 children with Joyce as their eldest child. Joyce grew up to be a very quiet and timid girl, shying away from her classmates and dreading oral recitations in school. She would rather sit in one corner curled up with a good book or just simply scribbled down her thoughts in her personal notebook. She's very mysterious according to most people. She had a few close friends in school during her growing up days and would prefer opening up her thoughts to a chosen few who were as deep and as sensitive as her. But she wasn’t really as quiet as many people perceived her to be. She has a hidden personality that she’d rather reveal to her close friends. She admits that she is an introvert and is very proud to be one.

She stopped schooling for 3 years because of financial matters after her father fled away one day, leaving her mother to shoulder all the responsibilities as both mother and father. During those “long periods” in Joyce’s life, she started to become more in-tune with her feelings and emotions and in the process, started to reunite with her personal self. At the age of 12, she started to devote her time to writing poems, short stories and songs, using pen and paper as an outlet of her emotions. Soon enough, Joyce realized that writing is indeed her passion.

Last 2004, at the age of 19, she had her very first achievement as a writer winning 1st place (4th year division) and 3rd place (Over-all division) respectively in her school’s United Nation’s On-The Spot Essay Writing contest.

Presently, Joyce Negapatan is a senior college student taking up BS Nursing at Far Eastern University. She continues to write poems, songs and short essays as a means of self-expression. According to her, she writes not to impress people but to make a difference and to free her thoughts from all the negative energy surrounding her. She admits that she still needs a lot of improvements when it comes to her writing and that once in a while, she still receives a lot of criticisms from people who get to read her works in the Internet. For her, criticisms are just part of her chosen hobby; it serves as a guide to improve herself not just as a writer but also as a person. She dreams of publishing her own book someday, covering all her poems (mostly free-verse) from past to present. She also dreams of becoming a composer, a director and a musician who will someday make a difference to the lives of the people through her music and poetry.

'Whenever I have my pen, I never run out of things to say. But once you put me in the middle of the stage, I suddenly lose control and can't even find my tongue'.

- Joyce Negapatan, on dealing with her stage fright.

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