MarieLove Brevil

MarieLove Brevil Poems

1. How Do You? 2/20/2006
2. I Am Me 2/20/2006
3. At The End 2/20/2006
4. Just A Little 2/20/2006
5. Last Night 2/20/2006
6. Love And Happiness 2/20/2006
7. No Love 2/20/2006
8. An Nou Tout Klere 6/22/2007
9. Intro To “an Nou Tout Klere” 6/22/2007
10. Young Blood 2/20/2006
11. Caged At Home 2/20/2006
12. His Compassion 2/20/2006
13. I Can’t Be The Only One 2/20/2006
14. 2005 Prayer 2/26/2006
15. One Night Stand 2/20/2006
16. Bitter Sweet Apathy 2/26/2006
17. Bitter Sweet Transition 2/26/2006
18. Bleeding Wounds 2/26/2006
19. Blessing For 2005 2/26/2006
20. Bogus Trust 2/26/2006
21. After The Heartache 2/26/2006
22. Accept Me For Me 2/26/2006
23. My Nubian Queen 2/20/2006
24. Remember Your Heritage 2/20/2006
25. A Mother To Me 2/26/2006
26. A Volunteer’s Prayer 2/26/2006
27. If Our Children 2/20/2006
28. Broken Hopeless Heart 2/26/2006

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Broken Hopeless Heart

It’s like I was dying
I was seeing my life flashing
Right in front of my bare
And naked beautiful eyes.
I felt like that was it for me
It felt like life was so over
My head was pounding with a headache
And my brain was aching from all.
How can I bring myself back to life?
How can I wake up from
This pure reality, that
Keeps me hypnotized involuntarily
For me to wake up is like
Raising from the dead
Yes I need an event like Easter
Just so I can wake up for good
Waking up once for all
So I can get away from
The rough memories that keeps me ...

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Accept Me For Me

So aroused of so much emotions.
So overwhelmed of the unexpected…
I can no longer predict my reactions
But I never forget who I am.
So please you should accept me as I am.
I will not change my ways, my life
My clothes, my food just to be by you.
I would never see you differently
In my eyes because they view you so.

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