Marieta Maglas

Gold Star - 7,875 Points (19-05-1964 / Radauti, Judet Suceava, Romania)

Marieta Maglas Poems

161. The Rainbow Of Sounds 1/9/2012
162. An Impossible Math 1/17/2012
163. The Meaning Of Our Love (Villanelle) 6/25/2012
164. A New Time Was Born 7/2/2012
165. An Impossible Math (Ii) 12/7/2012
166. The Blue Cafe 12/19/2012
167. Clinical Death (Ottava Rima Poem) 12/21/2012
168. The Legend Of Santa Claus 12/27/2012
169. The Victim 1/4/2013
170. The Water 1/14/2013
171. Odd Sensation 1/14/2013
172. Dance Of Love(Iii) 1/15/2013
173. Honey 1/22/2013
174. Joe's Music 8/9/2013
175. Jezebel-The Sleeping Beauty (Part 1- The Castle) 8/20/2013
176. Jezebel-The Sleeping Beauty (Part 5- The Secret Chamber) 8/20/2013
177. Jezebel-The Sleeping Beauty (Part 3- Surah And Her Victims) 8/20/2013
178. Jezebel-The Sleeping Beauty (Part 4-Frederick And Jezebel) 8/20/2013
179. Jezebel-The Sleeping Beauty (Part 2-The Dinner) 8/20/2013
180. Jezebel-The Sleeping Beauty (Part 6-The Cave) 8/21/2013
181. Jezebel-The Sleeping Beauty (Part 8- The Tower) 8/23/2013
182. Jezebel-The Sleeping Beauty (Part 9-The Golden Fleece) 8/23/2013
183. Jezebel-The Sleeping Beauty (Part 10- The Coronation) 8/24/2013
184. Jezebel-The Sleeping Beauty (Part 11- The Queen) 8/24/2013
185. Duvet Day 8/24/2013
186. Jezebel -The Sleeping Beauty (Part 12- The Treasure) 8/25/2013
187. Seduction 8/8/2013
188. Jezebel-The Sleeping Beauty(Part 13- The Explosion) 8/28/2013
189. Jezebel-The Sleeping Beauty(Part 14-The Epilog) 8/28/2013
190. Variable Reality(Postmodernist Poem) 3/7/2013
191. Summertime 3/21/2013
192. Jezebel-The Sleeping Beauty (Part 7-Pauline And Frieda) 8/22/2013
193. The Boundary 10/22/2013
194. Two Philosophical Poems 2/23/2014
195. The Rain 2/23/2014
196. Moving Hieroglyphs 4/2/2014
197. Separation 4/2/2014
198. Cryptic Kiss 4/2/2014
199. The Butterfly (The Mirror Sestet Poetry) 4/2/2014
200. Sadness And Passion (Senryu) 6/27/2014

Comments about Marieta Maglas

  • Kirsten Hemrich (8/16/2009 5:23:00 PM)

    i love your choice of language, it creates a vivid image

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  • Kelsey Draeger Kelsey Draeger (8/15/2009 3:42:00 PM)

    I, for one, think she is blessed with a gift of making poems. when i read them, i couldn't help but cry(tears of joy) for how wonderful they are.Brovo!

  • Kee Thampi (7/30/2009 5:00:00 AM)

    this is not a flatter, but really worth to say
    read few lines: -
    I am seemingly missing your words of love,
    those words that were written on the sand
    and erased by the first wave.
    Do you remember, my love?
    I have enclosed them hermetically
    with that last kiss.
    And, after that,
    another kiss
    and another exotic beach
    and another feeling, autumnal feeling,
    of another ostensible seemingly love
    fulfilled my nothingness...
    Among corals and shells,
    dried by the winds of the sea, ''

    she writes from her heart. A great poet of our days.


  • Angelica Ayman (7/1/2009 7:45:00 PM)

    first of all she is talented and i think she is an emotional person and her poems have a great sense and she know how to make you understand her point in short lines and this is something not anyone can do it that's why i always say that she is talented and i repeat it a lot because she deserves to be called by that name......

Best Poem of Marieta Maglas

Latina Time

This game is the way in which slaughter becomes an end in itself.

Acta est fabula plaudite
The play has been performed; applaud!

Surely, less obvious ways exist
The Darkness seeks to manipulate us into its service.

Actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea.
The act is not guilty unless the mind is also guilty.

Once all of them have won a very special princess prize,
the game is over....
and they will never buy another one.....

Alis grave nil.
Nothing is heavy to those who have wings

And maybe we cannot understand what's going...

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Stone Statue

I am like a stone statue,
In a sitting position,
I was your throne,
On which you nicely
Take place
From time to time.
In order to kiss me
With the kiss of death,
You nicely take your place,

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