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Biography of Marilyn A. Ellsworth

I’ve been a ‘poetry-, research- and commentary-writer’ since high school at P. K. Yonge Laboratory School, part of the University of Florida,1963-1965. As the first married student permitted by Florida legislature to return to public education, I worked there on the literary magazine staff as a writer, layout and design person and illustrator. Later, as an executive secretary, I was typist, editor and copywriter for many doctors, researchers, lecturers, businessmen, organizations and agencies, as well as the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office. Most recently, I’ve concentrated on Screen Writing to tell the great stories of my life, as outlined below. I have also written four short screenplays for a N.Y.C. film student to produce in a specific N.Y.C. setting.

In the last twenty years, amid overlapping work schedules, being a wife, mother, grandmother, parental care-taker, Ordained Preacher & Sunday School teacher, and to no small degree, social activist for equality and justice in the home and in the workplace, I have managed to take monumental steps into screen script writing.

To date I have finished the following titles in screen scripts: Making Destiny Sing (it’s predecessor... in a different format... was titled More Than Murder, a docucrama of a case history that caused statewide changes in legislation; see below***1) , Billy Bear Claw, My Beloved Enemies and Turnings.

Most of my career was dominated by technical writing in secretarial positions; and in law enforcement. I became one of the first Florida Police Standards Certified female deputy sheriffs in Florida in 1969, and left amid that era’s turbulent feminist conflict on the subject to marry a co-officer, to be a homemaker. This has set the stage for my writing of true crime MOW features.

In the Nineteen-Eighties, I managed a tri-state marketing arena for Florida Living Magazine, and wrote a monthly horticulture column, occasional restaurant reviews, and special event reports while concentrating my personal efforts on Florida Domestic Law changes. In 1983, I published Divorce and the Laymen, a self-help manual, which was immediately challenged by The Florida Bar. They did not require me to take it off the market, but the glut of lawyers who copied my idea did.

With my mother’s death, in 1986, I sat down to write a poem for “emotional release” and got up having written a 186 page book. Wanting it to be prepared for TV, I read Writing for Film from a second hand book store, and wrote it as a screenplay titled “My Beloved Enemies.” I am currently [2004] rewriting both versions of this.

On its heels, I wrote “More than Murder: ” (***1 above) [1987] (in 5 days) now totally revamped, and titled “Making Destiny Sing” [1998] from my personal experiences prior to seeking legislative reform for Florida Domestic Relations Laws.
One of my greatest crusades took form in 1982, in the turbulent wake of my step-son’s death, when I founded Floridian’s for Uniform Inter-family Legislation, a grass-roots Domestic Relations legislative reform movement. In ten years, I collected several million signed petitions and presented them to the Florida Matrimonial Law Commission. Those petitions, coupled with independent efforts by lawyers, and other lay efforts, ushered in monumental statutory changes in Florida: the Do-It-Yourself Divorce kit, the Unilateral Child Support Statute, Standardization of Child Visitation, Free forms for representing yourself in Domestic Relations court, and renewed verve to convict custodial parents for failure to support dependent children with allocated child support funds, especially when the children were not housed in –residence when child support was received; or when parents willfully contributed to the delinquency of dependent minors.

In the Nineteen-Nineties, with the arrival of my only son’s family, I chose to take a job at Shands Hospital at the University of Florida, close to home and family, where my research split into two directions: Herbal research and more social reform.

While completing research for my book, See at a glance… What Herbs Do In You! [1992] I became embroiled in a Sex Discrimination complaint and several other legal situations in my immediate work setting. After two years of exemplary service, at a job I dearly loved, Shands Hospital allowed my Director to fired me for reporting instances of administrative grand-theft, wage-and-hour violations, personal injury and Sex Discrimination. They thought firing me would end their problems with me.

Instead, I challenged them in three court systems, and won a fourth suit through the Unemployment Compensation Appeals Court, doing most of my own legal representation. I eventually won all the suits, including an out-of-court settlement for the case in federal court, after my attorney quit, mid-stream. As a writer, that, of course, fueled another writing project, now under way: “The Token Male.” It is the story behind my legal battles over the sex discrimination. Logline: One woman fights the system alone in four courts, and wins!

In 1995, that also initiated another piece of proposed legislation. My “Florida Anti-Aiding and Abetting Discrimination” statute. It reads: 'It shall be a discriminatory and unfair employment practice for any person, whether or not an employer, an employment agency, a labor organization, or the employee or members thereof to aid, abet, incite, compel or coerce the doing of any act defined in this section to be a discriminatory or unfair employment practice, or to obstruct or prevent any person from complying with the provisions of this part or any order issued with respect thereto, or to attempt, either directly or indirectly, to commit any act defined in this section to be a discriminatory or unfair employment practice.' [Found in Colorado Rev. Statute Section 24-34-402 (1982) .] 'Any individual who knowingly aids and abets in a discriminatory act according to the statutes of the State of Florida shall be severally and individually liable for damages to any and all aggrieved persons injured by their participation in the discriminatory practices.'

In 1990, while at Shands, I began suffering from a debilitating physical condition that went undiagnosed by Shands Hospital, and after my termination, amid our court battled, I suffered a debilitating industrial accident, the sum-total of which left me physically disabled, from which I am currently in a prolonged state of agonizing recovery.

During this time I have had one article published in two forms in Hollywood Scriptwriter, February 2000, Pg.14, “Coloring Inside the (Out) Lines” and in ScreenTalk, April,1999, “Creating the One-Page Script Outline.” This article can be found at: http: //

My book and movie script titles include:
Wisdom To Live By, CD book only. A self-published anthology of proverbs and apothegms.1990.

See at a glance…What Herbs Do In You! ,1995, book and separate wall chart: A condensed herbal research reference guide including chart cross-referencing herbs with their most important affects in the body.

Billy Bear Claw and the Waterfall Overlook Murders,1991 book and movie script. A fictional romance/action mystery about psychological warfare. An American Indian Sheriff falls in love with a woman who becomes a pawn in his brutal archenemies hands. Available for publication/production. Movie Script agented by Joe Estephan,2002-present.

Making Destiny Sing,1987 book and movie script; my true, drama, case history as a second wife: a woman who attempts to maintain financial stability, emotional balance and family bonds against all odds as her husband’s ex-wife uses all their children and the judicial system to inflict revenge, and financial devastation, ultimately leading the second wife to create a petition that ushered in monumental statewide legislative reforms. Available for publication/production. Movie Script agented by Joe Estephan,2002-present.

The Token Male.2002 - Under Construction. The true story of my suing Shands Hospital at the University of Florida for Sex Discrimination, Personal Injury, Wage and Hour Violations, and Wrongful Termination, four times in four courts, [including federal court] doing my own legal work... and WINNING them all. This is a book and movie script in progress.

Turnings,1987, book and movie script. A rendering from my law enforcement history as one of Florida’s first women police officers. Available for publication/production.

My Beloved Enemies, [1986] book and movie script: may be re-titled “Traces” a period-piece about child abuse, incest and adult recovery through spiritual growth and 'divine' revelation. Logline: A woman finds obscure parts of the puzzles of her life - letting her know she may not be who she thinks she is.” Available for publication/production.

Echoes of My Mind, Book. A short, personal poetry anthology,1979,1985. Available as a specialty card with an envelope.
My Philosophy in Motion, My original poetry, apothegms, and proverbs; 116 8.5x11” pages. Just completed for publication,2005.

Tiny Teaching Series, Vol.1, Book 1.52 Christian Education topic synopsizes. Available for publication.

My children’s books:
Spencer’s Garden (1st book of a series of children’s stories) .1st Book finished in writing but not illustrated. Available for publication.

King Imme and the Singing Bird. A short child’s tale. Available for publication.

The Adventure’s of Mu the Cat.* Self-published book, which I also illustrated.

I have just completed a collection of individual, interconnected short stories that will be my own very unusual autobiography: Warrior, Woman, Wife, Winner! Available for publication.
These are forthcoming titles for works in progress:
Biblical Laws of Success, book. (A scriptural topic study) Most chapters have references completed and some text in place. Available for publication.

The Sour Orange Tree, book. (A nearly completed children’s work/reward story) , in the style of The Yearling. Soon to be converted into a short movie script. Available for publication.
Chief Crazy Horse, book. (A children’s animal story) . Could be made into a TV series. A colt thinks he’s a “people.”

These are titles of completed short movie scripts and/or plays and short stories:

Red Heart of Shadow Valley.30 page script.10-12 characters.4-5 sets. A short script for the young at heart. A love story that crosses Indian/White racial and vocal barriers. Could be animated. Available for publication.

A Penny Among Many,7 page script.1 location.2 characters. A short script for children. Teaches children the important of staying found rather than getting lost and having to be found. Available for publication.

Come Again? 8 page script,5 characters.2 sets. A short script about resolving problems in marriage. Sometimes it’s best to just start over. Available for publication.

Deja Vu.3 characters.3 –4 sets.8 page script. A short script about a near death experience, Christian orientation. Divine intervention gives a second chance, again. Available for publication.

Midnight in Midtown.7 page script.4 characters.3 sets. A short script about the fear of the unknown in an unfamiliar city. Spooky, but there are no bad guys in it. Available for publication.

The Yellow Paint Saga,4 page script/short story.2 characters.1 set. A short script dealing with clearing the slate at death. A little humorous/lighthearted. Available for publication.

The Bear Coat Tale.15 page script, play and short story.4 characters.5 sets. A comedic short script about an irritated woman taking her insistent husband too literally and ending up bare in a bear-coat.

Marilyn A. Ellsworth's Works:

'Echoes of My Mind' (Self Published as a Gift Card Booklet, First Edition,1980)
'Divorce and the Layman, ' a how-to book (Self Published,1980)
'Laws of Deliverance, from Proverbs, ' (Self-Published,1980)
'See at a Glance... What Herbs Do In You! ' a self-help resource manual (Self Published in CD Form,2000)
'Wisdom to Live By, ' e-book on CD, not in print (Self Published,2005)
'King Imme and the Singing Bird.' (Self Published CD,2005)
'The Adventure’s of Mu the Cat.' A children's story. (Self Published on CD,2003)
'Tiny Teaching Series, ' Vol.1, Book 1. (Self Published,2004)
'My Beloved Enemies, ' [1986] book and movie script. (Self Published,1986)
'Turnings, ' 1987, book and movie script. A rendering from my life. (Self Published,1987)
'Making Destiny Sing, ' 1987 book and movie script; a true drama. (Self Published,1983)
'Billy Bear Claw and the Waterfall Overlook Murders.' 1991 book and movie scr (Self Published,1991)
“More than Murder: ” A true crime story. (Self Published,1987)
Book: Idyllic Thoughts, Poem: 'I Make Myelf This Promise'; Editor's Choice (The Poetry Guild,1997)
Book: Colours of the Heart, Poem: 'Wisdom Grows' (Noble House Publishing, Poetry Division,2004)
Book: The Best Poems and Poets of 2004; Title: 'Revelation's Inspirations' (International Library of Poetry,2004)
Book: Theatre of the Mind; Title: 'God's Patterns in Chaos' (Noble House Publishing, Poetry Division,2002)
Book: America at the Millennium; Title 'Of My Two Worlds' (International Library of Poetry,2000)
Marilyn Ellsworth's Online Articles (Marilyn Ellsworth,2005)
'Florida Living Magazine, ' monthly horticulture column, various features, articles & restaurant review
'ScreenTalk Magazine, ' April 1999, Article: “Creating The One-Page Screen-Script Outline”
'Hollywood Scriptwriter, ' Feb 2000, 'Coloring Inside the (Outline) ' Updates

Wisdom Grows

With tender tendrils
Wisdom grows
To measures...
No man really knows.
It grasps and holds
With tenacious will
Whatever stands
In its presence... still:
Long enough

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