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41. B Bear 1/18/2006
42. Been There 1/18/2006
43. Blame It On The Star Dust 1/18/2006
44. Breeze In Summers Butterfly 1/18/2006
45. Can You Tell Me Why 1/18/2006
46. Change Of Passion 1/18/2006
47. My So Called Eye Candy 8/14/2006
48. What Is This About 8/14/2006
49. Stardom 8/14/2006
50. Of The People It Is You Agian 8/14/2006
51. Why Does It Have To Be You 8/14/2006
52. Don'T Let Go 9/17/2006
53. I Thought I Knew Your Trust 9/17/2006
54. And Because 1/18/2006
55. It Takes Time 1/18/2006
56. As What I Do Is Right 1/18/2006
57. Times Have Changed 9/17/2006
58. Wake Me Up When 9/17/2006
59. Sick As The Feeling 9/17/2006
60. Why 9/17/2006
61. Christmas O6 1/3/2007
62. Confuse 1/3/2007
63. Bad Dream 1/5/2007
64. Forever And Day Once More 9/17/2006
65. A Second Chance 1/18/2006
66. Dreaming Of Is Not 9/17/2006
67. All I Have To Say 1/18/2006
68. Keeper Of The Stars 1/3/2007
69. 70 Popular 70 1/17/2006
70. Cinderella 1/18/2006
71. Dark And Gloomy 9/17/2006

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Dark And Gloomy

Outside my window
No more sun just rain
And it is September
Just like the time before
But this time you will not
See me I December I will be gone
Broken promises hearts dreams
Just like the homes we live in
Now I know there is no such
Thing as a meant to be
A happy ever after
Your other half soul mate
I will never know what it is like
To know what forever love
Is because I live in black world
So wake me up when it is over
I will see what there is to see
The thing of what it is like
Tomorrow will never come back
I will never the same ...

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Why looking blue today
What’s the matter with you?
Where is Prince Charming?
Who are looking for now?
How you could have done this?
The teardrops fall tonight
Lost without a care to fight
Blowing in the wind now
Are the dreams you left

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