Marinara Sauce Chen

Biography of Marinara Sauce Chen

Hi, I'm Marianara Sauce (just kidding, my name's Marina) . Welcome to my profile! : D

Here's a little about me:
-I have a pet fish named Anchovy
-I'm currently second chair clarinet in Band
-I've moved three times so far
-I've lived in Canada, China, and the United States
-I like stickers
-I'm Asian, Cantonese to be exact...
-I'm in eighth grade
-According to mye3 poet, I have 'mental issues'...pfft (oh by the way, check out her page, too!)
-I hate allergies =_=

Thanks for coming! And feel free to comment on any of my poems! ;) Updates

New Beginnings

As I watch the horizon’s silhouettes melt away
‘Tis the dawn of the night,
Through the musk from the day
By the rocking turmoil of the ferry
The view is unclear
But I listen for the angels
Directing the steer

I worry, I think

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