Mario Wirz

(1956-2013 / Marburg)

Biography of Mario Wirz

Mario Wirz poet

Mario Wirz ( 3. December 1956 in Marburg .30th May 2013 in Berlin ) was a German writer

Mario Wirz spent his childhood in the Frankenberg in Hesse . After completing his Abitur, he completed an apprenticeship as an actor in Berlin. There followed engagements at various theaters as an actor and director, a. At the Vagantenbühne in Berlin and the Stadttheater in Kiel .
His breakthrough as a writer was Mario Wirz in 1992 with the narrative volume. It is late, I can not breathe , who, as well as some of his later works, addressed his HIV infection. The world wrote: "Mario Wirz is also one of the most talented writers of German language with this volume."
From 1988 until his death, he lived and worked as a writer in Berlin. His prose and poetry appear in Aufbau-Verlag . Translations of Wirz's works have been published in France , USA , Greece , Ukraine , Italy and Hungary .
On May 30, 2013, Wirz died of a cancer in Berlin. In 2014 the short film " Mario Wirz " by Rosa von Praunheim , which was shot six weeks before the author's death on 16 April 2013, was released. During a walk both reflect on life and dying. Updates


In order to please you
I imitate Zeus
I defy my age
and jump into
every shape
that seduces you
of course these transformations
are strenuous
startled you look
upon the oldish stranger
lying in bed beside you
in the mornings

Anglo American translation by Renate Latimer

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