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Marissa Dunken Poems

1. I Will No Longer Be... 5/19/2011
2. I'M Blaming You... 5/20/2011
3. My Life 5/20/2011
4. I Love You 5/20/2011
5. Send Me An Angel 5/20/2011
6. Sad Gurl... 5/23/2011
7. Pain. 5/23/2011
8. Starzz 7/19/2011
9. Dazed-N-Confused 7/19/2011
10. Just One Smile! 7/19/2011
11. His Smile! 7/19/2011
12. L.O.V.E. 7/19/2011
13. Love Never Existed 6/14/2011
14. 6ft Under 7/19/2011
15. Broken Hearted 10/9/2011
16. The Crazy Blade! 10/9/2011
17. So Why Try? 10/9/2011
18. Depressed 10/9/2011
19. All The Hate 10/9/2011
20. Poem 10/9/2011
21. Feeling Torn 10/9/2011
22. Suffocating! 10/9/2011
23. Dead Flower 7/19/2011
24. I Love Him So Much! 9/20/2012

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Best Poem of Marissa Dunken

I Love Him So Much!

Hes the reason I keep staying strong,
Hes the one thats there for me when things go wrong.
Hes my shining star,
Hes the only guy that has my heart.
Hes the one that takes my breath away,
I love him more each and everyday.
He means the world to me,
Hes the one I'm talking about when I say 'We were meant to be',
When I walk with him, its like hes the only one I can see.
Hes the reason for the smile on my face,
No one could ever take his place.
Hes the love of my life,
I know one day I'm gonna be his wife.
Hes the one I'm always thinking of,
Hes ...

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I Love You

I feel so unsure,
Can I take your hand?
Show you what you've never had before,
Close that door.
Behind us the past stays.
For the future is new.
I will forget what I knew,
Make you what I know.
Let that music play to my soul

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