Mark Anthony Mendoza

Rookie (01/23/79 / Pasay City)

Mark Anthony Mendoza Poems

41. A Fallen Soldier's Heart 2/27/2006
42. What They See 3/2/2006
43. I Died The Day I Said Goodbye 3/3/2006
44. No You Can'T Save Friendship 3/6/2006
45. A Pointless Poem 3/22/2006
46. The Love Within 8/25/2005
47. If Ever... This Is My Last Poem 12/20/2005
48. With You 12/21/2005
49. I Love You 12/21/2005
50. Candy 12/21/2005
51. Norma Rivera, Noan (True Love) 12/21/2005
52. Right Next 12/21/2005
53. I Couldn'T 12/21/2005
54. First Kiss 12/21/2005
55. Forever 12/21/2005
56. An 'I Love You' Kept In Silence 12/21/2005
57. Fear It Is 12/21/2005
58. Love Is 12/21/2005
59. Missin' You 12/21/2005
60. Strong 12/21/2005
61. Just Be 12/21/2005
62. Sorry 8/26/2005
63. What Would You Do? 9/6/2005
64. Seven 9/9/2005
65. Here I Am Again 12/12/2005
66. A Story Of The Two Warrior 12/12/2005
67. Magic Of Love 12/13/2005
68. Rest My Sweet 12/15/2005
69. Broken Home 12/19/2005
70. Just The Two Of Us` 8/26/2005
71. In My Dreams 8/25/2005
72. I Choose To Live (Far Away) 5/4/2006
73. Love Is True When It Is You And Me 5/4/2006
74. To Believe In Love Again 4/15/2007
75. A Coffee Date 4/15/2007
76. Love Is Written (Dont Miss The Chance) 4/19/2007
77. Forever It Will Be (Just You And Me) 7/9/2007
78. How Long Should I Still 7/9/2007
79. Never Hope.. That Is What She Said 11/1/2007
80. Higher Ground 12/10/2007

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Best Poem of Mark Anthony Mendoza

Now It’s Time To Move On

Should I be the one be getting all the guilt
Like I’ve done nothing right, all I do is wrong
I know I can’t stop thinking what went wrong
Why I never wait, why I had enough

Now it seems where just hurting more
Though we tried our best, we shed too much tears
But who’s to blame? Is it me or you?
Not because you stayed it means I’ll carry all the cross

So I guess it’s time, the time to moving on
Stop the tears, carry on, and appreciate the love we had
It’s moving on but I won’t forget all the memories
Though I made mistakes, but the time I had with you ...

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There are too many reasons why love ends...
There are too many situation why love fails...
Is there such thing as forever love...
Then why define love as hurt and fear.

I may not be the strongest man alive...
I may not be the kindess person alive....
But i'll be the greatest fighter of them all...
For all the reason in the world...

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