Mark Christmas

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Biography of Mark Christmas

Mark Christmas was born in South Wales. He published his first collection; Roller Coaster Emotion in 2006. This reflected his personal life and feelings which many who read may feel equates to themselves. In 2010, Mark took on the roll of campaigner, in order to raise awareness of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and those who continually suffer once war is not media headlines any longer.

His work focuses on the emotional side which has been described as deep and meaningful yet addresses the denial which many seek to hide, which is purely a defence against anxiety.

Mark Christmas's Works:

Rollercoaster Emotion

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The Abandoned Soldier, Reflections of War

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published by Silverwood Books
5th November 2010

Poems of The Poppies

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Robotic Analysis

A Soldier is not born
He’s forged to be strong,
He’s machine-like, robotic,
Working hard, fast and long,
But when machines break,
They go terribly wrong.
Their chassis are bent, broken, busted,
Their control centres are short circuited,
Their rhythm is lost, function diminished.

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